Tim Manning NZ

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    Tim Manning NZ

    Timothy Manning

    Born in Taradale, Napier in 1959, Timothy Manning left to study a Bachelor of Technology at Massey University in Palmerston North. He aced his papers and was made president of the Student Union.

    His relentless pursuit of innovation and perfection led Timothy Manning to undertake project after project, each more successful than the last. TimothyManning has a keen eye for trends and market demands, and he frequently returns from overseas trips with new ideas to adopt to the New Zealand lifestyle.

    Timothy Manning was the first to create gated communities in New Zealand, and tapped into a market of home buyers who valued security. He was also the first to include special features in his gated communities and apartment blocks – gyms, pools and tennis courts, as well as on-site managers. Now, these features are standard.

    Timothy Manning has given a new lease of life to derelict commercial buildings in the CBD, creating luxurious downtown apartments. As the café society in Ponsonby blossomed, so too did the innovative, modern apartment buildings, courtesy of Timothy Manning.

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