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    Tiger Transport Specialist

    Tiger Transport is an Auckland based removal company. We specialise in the packing, moving and storage of furniture, from individual items through to full households, for both private and commercial clients.Find out before you move when the new owners or tenants are moving into your house, and when people are moving out of the house you are moving to.

    If you have a shared driveway please speak to your neighbors prior to the truck arriving, so that they can put their cars on the road if needed (having to continuously move the truck in and out of the drive is a unnecessary hold up).
    If possible do not leave your removal to the last day. Move the day before so you can arrange cleaners etc. for the last day. This will make the process a lot less stressful for you.
    Leave all items you are not taking with you in one room and point them out to the removal team.
    Try to keep all entrances clear of boxes. Try to stack into corners of each room or have one bedroom reserved for all packed boxes. Clear access ensures quick moving.
    Keeping small children and pets away during the move ensures their safety.
    Think about what you do not want to take. Sell, donate or hold a garage sale for unwanted items. Speak to us about sending unwanted furniture to auction.
    Everyone always underestimates the packing time needed to pack small items. If you’re packing yourself, start well before the moving date. Do not leave it for the day before the move.
    Pack your belongings into good strong boxes (use double wall boxes). Lots of small or open boxes take longer to move. Also remember, open boxes are hard to stack and the chance of damage in each box is high (using proper removal boxes will not only ensure a safe, no damage move, but it also speeds it up).
    Make sure boxes are flat across the top, and both the bottom and tops of the boxes are taped thoroughly shut, not folded closed. Thoroughly pack your small items into boxes.
    Mark boxes clearly as to which room you want them placed in at your new house. An unmarked box slows up moving and causes confusion.
    Chests of drawers need all breakables and items that may leak, removed. Clothing and blankets can remain. Also ensure drawers are not overloaded with items and never tape drawers shut.
    All wardrobes and desk drawers must be emptied.
    Although not necessary, dismantling beds and disconnecting the washing machine will speed up the moving process.
    https://www.tigertransport.co.nz/ Email-sales@tigertransport.co.nz. Phone no- 09 570 2363

    Free Calling Number
    0800 100 234
    Landline Number
    09 570 2363
    Auckland Region