Ak Plumbable Plumber

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    Ak Plumbable Plumber

    We are a Master Plumber Company with 15 years of experience in plumbing and Drainlaying. We Cover All of Auckland Areas.
    Phone/txt: 0221836385 / 0221667650
    email: contact@aucklandplumbableplumber.co.nz
    website: www.aucklandplumbableplumber.co.nz

    * After Hour Services
    * Master Plumber Member
    * Qualified Plumbers / Drainlayers
    * Top Professional Service at affordable rates

    Auckland Emergency Plumbers Services:

    Auckland Plumbable Plumbers Have Emergency Plumbers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays.

    We have a good amount of plumbing parts in our plumbers van, but can not always guarantee we have all the correct plumbing parts. If we have the plumbing parts, we will fix your plumbing problem right away.  However if we dont have the right parts in our van, we will do the best we can (possibly isolating the problem, or switching your water for the night or just making a temporary repair) depending on the situation. In this case our Auckland plumber or another Auckland plumber of ours will arrange another time to come back during working day in normal working hours to make a full repair

    Note: You will be charged for the after hours call out, and you will also be charged for us to come back if we have to.

    Auckland Plumber Services:

    * New Builds & Renovations
    * Residential & Commercial
    * Hot Water Cylinder
    * Bathroom Plumbing Installations: Shower, Vanity, Toilet, Bath
    * Kitchen Plumbing Installations: Dish Washer, Kitchen Sink, In Sink Erator – Waste Disposal Unit, Water filtration.
    * Laundry Plumbing Installation: Super Tub, Washing Machine
    * Pump Installation
    * Leaking Taps
    * Leaking Shower mixers
    * Pipe Bursts
    * Blocked Toilets

    Auckland Drainlayer Services:

    * New stormwater or sewer drainage connection
    * Manhole chambers
    * Soakage pits
    * Detention tanks
    * Cesspits
    * Pump Installation

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    Auckland Region